Nota Bene: I have no idea what I'm doing.

Welcome! You have reached the personal homepage of Sacha Sokoloski. I am a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Philipp Berens, where I am studying neural circuits and cellular diversity in the retina, and how this is shaped by reinforcement learning. I was previously a postdoc in the lab of Ruben Coen-Cagli, where I developed models of neural population activity and theories of Bayesian inference in neural circuits.

On this website you will find a summary of my research, including my past and current research, my larger research vision, and brief description of my library for type-safe numerical optimization named Goal (Geometric Optimization Libraries). I maintain a blog where I provide tutorials for the Goal libraries, and introductions to my theories and published work. Finally, you may learn a bit about my personal life outside of research, or just cut straight to the facts with my curriculum vitae.